Lake Bell in the water

Lake Bell’s Fantastic Breasts

If you don't know Lake Bell, we have two HUGE reasons why you should: Her all-natural and fantastic titties!

Those knockers are something special – especially when she doesn't cover them up and they get the spotlight they deserve. Seriously, every event the How to Make It in America actress appears at, her show-stopping breasts are the center of attention. No one can keep their dirty eyes and minds off of those luscious things; they are Lake's most powerful weapon!

If you're just tuning in to Lake-land, you might not know about this magnetic and body-blessed actress. Let me help you get to know your newest spank-bank member with this incredible photo collection of her yummy lady bubbles!


Lake Bell in blue dress with ample cleavage
Wouldn't you like to motor-boat her cleavage…. with your cock?!

But first, let me give you some background on who she is before you whip out your joy-stick:

Bell is a 38 year old fine piece of lady that grew up in New York City to pretty wealthy parents. Her mother Robin Bell owns a design firm and her father is a big time developer, Harvey Siedgel. She began acting when she lived in London at the Rose Bruford College and was a part of several theatrical productions such as The Seagull and Six Degrees of Separation.

She began her acting career in 2002 in the film Speakeasy. Since then she has had various roles in other movies and TV series such as War Stories, Miss Match, What Happens in Vegas, The Secret Life of Pets, No Strings Attached and Slammed. Although, her most known characters have been Sally Heep in Boston Legal and Rachel Chapman in How to Make it In America (she “twins” looked super sexy in both series).

I know you're dying to know if this stunner is single, and I hate to break the bad news, but the answer is no. She is married to some tattoo artist named Scott Campbell (he is the lucky guy in her leak!). The couple have two children together. One which was born just recently, which means Lake's kahunas are even BIGGER right now than usual, sweet!!

In this collection below, you'll see why this star's breasts will one day be as iconic as Kate Upton's massive double D's. They might not be as ample as Upton's, but the shape of her tear-drops look like they were carved by Michaelangelo himself! They are arguably the best pair in Hollywood right now.

Anyway, enough of the babble, let's get to Lake Bell's sweet and riped melons at their best!

When Lake modeled naked for New York Magazine and her titaaaays were displayed “artistically”. Lake Bell on the cover of New York magazineLake Bell in New York magazine naked showing off her amazing bodyLake Bell modeling nude for New York Magazine

When she showed us her nipples and plenty of cleavage in her 2014 Esquire photoshoot!Esquire magazine photo of Lake Bell with see through lingerie onLake Bell grabbing her one boob modeling for Esquire 2014 shootLake Bell in Esquire 2014 magazine in hot lingerie pieceLake Bell shows her nipples in see through body suitBlack and white picture of Lake Bell crossing her arms and showing cleavage
Black and white pic of Lake Bell in panties toplessLake Bell sitting on orange chair with no bra and high thighs onLake Bell braless in photoshoot for Esquire

When she went topless in How to Make It in America.

How to Make It in America topless scene while in bed

Lake Bell getting out of bed toplessLake Bell topless in How to Make It in AmericaLake Bell topless in tv showLake Bell topless scene in How to Make It in AmericaLake Bell titties in How to Make It in America

In Scott Caan's photoshoot. Her cans are a little blurry, but they still make the blood flow!See through black and white pic of Lake BellScott Caan photo of Lake Bell's breasts from below

When her jugs made a dazzling appearance for the Maxim 2011 issue.Lake Bell in white body suit for Maxim coverLake Bell in Maxim 2011 showing cleavageLake Bell in black body suit and heels for MaximLake Bell modeling for Maxim 2011 issue in a bikiniLake Bell pouring water on herself in Maxim magazineLake Bell shows off her tits for MaximLake Bell topless in Maxim magazine 2011 in a pool

Her bare ladies looked tasty in the film Black Rock.Lake Bell's boobs in Black Rock filmLake Bell naked in the movie Black RockLake Bell in Black Rock movie naked

Another Esquire photoshoot “Me In My Place”. These gave us a nice hard-on.Lake Bell showing some under boob in Esquire shootLake Bell modeling lingerie in her apartment for Esquirescreen cap of Lake Bell modeling for Esquire showing her busty cleavage

Oooo and her breast-friends looking healthy in a pink salmon dress.Lake Bell in pink salmon dress with her breasts looking perkyLake Bell side boob in salmon pink dress

And finally, that one time her tatas got some sun in a bikini. You can't tell me you wouldn't give those a squeeze!Lake Bell in a bikini on the beach

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