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Olivia Munn Topless in Magic Mike

Everyone loves this freckled face babe! Olivia Munn not only has stunning looks but she also has a great sense of humor and loves sports! We think she is the ultimate guy's girl. We would do anything to get a piece of that ass, but for now these steamy topless photos from the Magic Mike movie will do!

Don't know much about this knockout chick? Well, she was born in Oklahoma City and she studied journalism at the University of Oklahoma. Shortly after she graduated, the actress started an internship at the NBC affiliate in Tulsa. She also worked as a sideline reporter for college football and women's basketball.




Super hot photo of Olivia Munn topless modeling on grass
We think she is definitely stroke-worthy!

In 2004, Olivia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career where she began co-hosting the G4 Network television show, Attack of the Show! She then moved on to play roles in movies like Magic MikeIron Man 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse. She also appeared in several television series playing minor roles including, Greek, Chuck and New Girl. 

This mixed race Asian fox dated NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers for quite some time (three years to be exact)… but they recently announced their breakup! Who do you think she's banging now? The couple said it was a mutual break up and that they will still remain friends. Sorry Aaron, but you better believe millions of men were jumping for joy when they heard this news. She is back on the market fellas!

Okay, lets get to these tasty and delicious photos!

The Topless Magic Mike Scene

Let's go see Channing Tatum portraying a struggling stripper named Mike!” said no dude ever!!! The only damn reason any man wanted to see this film was because rumors spread that Olivia Munn took her top off. All the way off.

According to an interview with Vulture, the actress said this about baring her nipples:

“The way it was shot didn’t feel gratuitous — I think that’s what every actress says, right? There are very few directors I would ever do it for. Also, my character was getting out of the shower and to keep it as realistic as possible I didn’t wear a shirt in the shower.”

Well, hopefully she'll find more directors she feels “comfortable” with so that she can produce more scenes like this! Enjoy!

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