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Blac Chyna: Stripper Turned Famous

If you like your asses thick and juicy, you may want to keep reading! We are getting up close and personal with the famous video vixen Blac Chyna!

Blac Chyna xxx video
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This curvy woman has been giving men chubs all over the world and it's easy when you have an ass like dat! We are going to take a look at some of Chyna's dirtiest naked pictures. We hope she's the best 10 seconds of your life!

Chyna was born as Angela Renée White in Washington, D.C. and started her career as a stripper when she moved to Miami, Florida. When she first began to dance, she went by the stage name “Cream” and then later changed it to Blac Chyna.


Update: Scroll down to see the latest Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna drama. Hint: She sent him photos of her pussy, then started fucking another guy!

Blac decided to jump into the modeling industry to make a little extra money. In 2010, she was on the covers of Dimepiece, Black Men's and Straight Stuntin' magazine. Her modeling gigs then opened up doors to appear in rap videos. She was even name-dropped by Drake in his single Miss Me, which gave her major limelight in the entertainment world.

Blac Chyna in a black swimsuit taking selfie as she holds her hair
I wonder if she loves having her hair pulled?

After winning “Model of the Year” award at the Urban Model Awardsshe was cast to be the main female role for rapper Tyga's single Rack City. After being spotted in many clubs and basketball games together there was a lot of talk about the two being an item.  In 2012 the couple posed for the cover of Urban Ink Magazine confirming that they were in fact dating. Chyna became pregnant with Tyga's son(King Cairo) and the couple became engaged that same year… unfortunately they ended ties in 2014.

Blac Chyna taking a picture of her ass with a selfie stick
The only way to get entire view of that ass!

In 2016, Blac began to date reality TV star Rob Kardashian. Three months later they announced that they were engaged, and a month after that they announced that they were expecting a child together. However, the couple called it quits in December of 2016 and are now in a custody battle over the child. What a smart move on her part… hustlin' all the way up the pole.

It looks like mama Jenner has stepped in so that her baby boy can have full custody of the former couple's love child. Apparently, Kris Jenner has hired a team of the most brutal lawyers to help out with the custody battle. Watch out Chyna, you don't want to mess with the Kardashian clan!

Anyway, back to the important issue here – Chyna's nasty and revealing pics!

Blac Chyna's Nude Collection


Alright, are you ready to see an explosion of ass and titties?! We hope you are because these pics are probably the tastiest treats you will see all day! Some of these pics are from her dirty “modeling” days, while other ones are said to be hacked. Either way, you'll see how yummy this woman is STACKED. Enjoy, my friends!

Blac Chyna sitting in bath tub holding her tits Blac Chyna completely naked in the bathtub Blac Chyna with short hair completely naked in bed Blac Chyna with towel around waist topless in bathroom Blac Chyna laying on tyga with no underwear on

Blac Chyna laying in bed on her stomach Blac Chyna pulling down her thong over her huge ass Blac Chyna topless at the beach Blac Chyna holding a water topless at the beach Blac Chyna topless as she is getting photographed Blac Chyna in a red and blue swimsuit squatting

Blac Chyna laying naked with her big ass sticking out Blac Chyna wearing a strapy bodysuit Blac Chyna laying on a black couch naked Blac Chyna with hair over tit Blac Chyna straddeling a wall naked Blac Chyna showing off tits as she holds her hair Blac Chyna totally nude wearing heels sitting on kneesBlac Chyna topless hands above head tattoo visible

Blac Chyna topless in red shorts

Blac Chyna completely uncovered in black heels Blac Chyna big ass in a G string Blac Chyna standing naked in front of a car Blac Chyna with blonde hair ass cheeks visible

Rob Kardashian Text Message Drama (XXX)

Here are the photos Blac Chyna sent to Rob Kardashian on July 4th… what a shit show!  Rob still hasn't wised up and seems to be supporting Blac Chyna and their baby – but you can't take the stripper outta this one!  Check out these trashy text messages she sent to Rob.  She sent these… then fucked another guy in their bed! Enjoy seeing this great high resolution photo of her pussy though!

Blac Chyna sucking dick on tape
She was a stripper… of course she would let some guy film her for a few extra bucks!


Don't miss this video… damn!


  1. you just know Kris Jenner is coaching her on how to release a sex tape. she was a stripper, cmon she knows exactly how to hustle!!

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