Jillian Murray’s Leaked Nudes

We love it when Disney stars grow up to be sluts! Jillian Murray is one of the newer leaks from the fappening!

Jillian Murray sitting in a chair topless with hair downThe actress's iCloud account was hacked and the photos revealed her secret naughty side. Her account was filled with scandalous photos of the actress completely nude – and giving her pussy a good rub. The pictures are mind-blowing!

Jillian made her debut appearance for television on an episode of Nickelodeon's T.V. series Drake & Josh. In 2009, she earned her first recurring role for Disney's Sonny with a Chance. She appeared in four episodes and was offered a permanent role with the series but she declined the deal because she had several film offers at the time.


Jillian Murray sitting on a stool in booty shorts and tank top
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Unfortunately, Jillian did not have the best luck with her movie roles. Many of the films she appeared in went straight to video so she decided to go back to television. In 2015, she earned a recurring role in CBS's Code Black and then in 2016 it was announced that her role as Dr. Heather Pinkney would be a series regular in the show's second season.

If you're a gamer, you probably recognize or even know that Jillian was a body model for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and 3. She plays the role of Dr. Liara T'soni in the video games and we can see why the creators of this game asked the actress to be the body model for this game. The woman is truly a sex goddess!

Jillian Murray Nude Pics

The word on the street is that Jillian was hacked by the same hackers that have leaked several other celebs personal photos. We believe she was sending these nude pictures to her fiancé, the Australian actor, Dean Geyer (that lucky bastard!). Thanks to these genius online hackers, you get to experience these mouth watering photos! Enjoy!

Jillian Murray taking a selfie in black underwear and pink cami

The best part? It's not just photos, she also has a leaked video (scroll to the bottom).


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