Toni Garrn: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ExGF Exposed!

Tasty things come from Germany: Bratwursts, beer and supermodel Toni Garrn.

Even Leonardo DiCaprio agrees with us, he has been dating Antonia (her full name) on-and-off for years. In fact, this tall glass of water even moved in with the infamous bad boy.

So, who is this stunning blonde? Most importantly, does she have any revealing photos out there? This is what we found for you guys…


Toni Garrn Victoria Secret Angel runway photo
Yes, please.
Toni Garrn most revealing pics (20)
All hot and bothered!
Toni Garn nipples showing through tan shirt
Mmm… they look natural!
Toni Garrn in pink bikini bottom modeling without her top on
She's got a devious look in those eyes!
Toni Garrn laying in bed looking seductively at the camera
MMM, I'll suck that nipple dry!
Toni Garrn wearing see through bra
This bad girl needs to be taught a lesson.

Wait, there's more… Keep scrolling for the goods! 

Don't know her? Let's give you some basic info on this not-so-basic bombshell.

We all know Leo is living the life we all wish we could, dating young and sexy female celebs like it's nobody's business. Oh, and raising millions to save the environment on the side (he just raised 30 million last week at his fourth annual fund raising gala).

But, Garrn wasn't just another one of his side hoes. This girl is more than just a pretty German goddess…

A few things you should know about the 25 year old beauty:

  • Toni was born July 7th, 1992 in the city of Hamburg.
  • She was discovered during the 2006 FIFA World Cup at age 13.
  • At age 15 she debuted on the runway for Calvin Klein.
  • She is passionate about philanthropy, serving as an ambassador for the Because I Am A Girl campaign.
  • She can play the piano and the flute very well.
  • Started modeling for Victoria Secret in 2011.
  • She takes online courses for fun while traveling around the world.

Toni was described as having more energy than “Tigger” by Glamour Magazine in their March, 2016 issue. Sounds like she's a pretty frisky lady, in her own words she told the interviewee:

“I have a pretty classic look, so people think I'm pretty calm but I'm the opposite – I can't sit still, I'm hyper. I'm an external person, I'm not that internal at all.”

Garrn is known for being a fan of social media, she likes that models worldwide can show their personalities now through apps like Instagram and Snapchat. In fact, she just posted a naughty photo of herself:

Toni Garrn snapchat reading Lolita
She can “Snap” at us anytime!

Besides Leo, this babe has been linked with other celebs. She was dating Chandler Parsons and now she has been linked with Alexander Skarsgard. According to sources, Alexander was set up with her on a blind date in Montauk.

As for her friends, she hangs out with some of the finest ladies in the industry. They might sound familiar to you – Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss. Babes on babes on babes!

Anyway, have fun seeing her most revealing galleries below.

Toni Shows Us Her Body Parts!

See through gallery:

Toni Garrn see through white shirt in the ocean with hair wet

Toni hoppin' on the free the nipple trend and going braless:

Toni Garrn in see through dress taking a selfie

Ooooweee, some topless action in Tulum, Mexico:

Toni Garrn listening to music with headphones on and her tits exposed

Dangerous duo – Sara Sampaio and Ms. Garrn getting wild in the ocean:
Sara Sampaio and Toni Garrn topless in the ocean

Sexiest bikini moments:
Toni Garrn for Elle magazine taking a shower in her bikini

More nudes of the dime piece:

Toni Garrn spraying herslefToni Garrn tits exposed modelingToni Garn modeling without a bra on in black and white photo

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