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Zac Efron’s ExGF Sami Miro Nude

This chick is hypnotic as they come! I'm talking about Zac Efron's former flame, Sami Miro. The milk chocolate beauty has recently been targeted by the Fappening guys and all we can say is she knows how to get FREAKY! Her iCloud account was hacked and it was filled with some scandalous pictures. Just wait until you see what she was doing with her body… pure magic!

Sami was born with the name Sami Carter-Obsertone. This honey hails from the lovely California city, San Francisco. She grew up doing gymnastics as a kid and participated in the California state Junior Gymnastics.

After high school she furthered her education at Santa Clara University and received a Bachelors in Marketing. She also pursued a Masters Degree at the University of San Francisco in Global Entrepreneurship and Management. This girl ain't playing around, she is what you call a goal digger. Sami has the looks and the intellect, what a catch – no wonder the Baywatch actor Zac couldn't keep his hands off this one.


Sami Miro and Zac Efron walking together

In 2013, Sami decided to follow her passion and open a vintage clothing shop and pursue a career in the modeling industry. She was signed with DT Model Management in 2014. This transition in her life brought some new friends and connections to the table. She actually ended up being introduced to actor Zac Efron through some of her friends in the entertainment bubble.

The couple hit it off immediately and started to date in early 2014, but after two years of dating things started to die down and Zac pulled the plug on the relationship in 2016. We think he is a god damn fool! How could you let a woman like this leave your sight?!

Sami found fame through her Hollywood ex-boyfriend, but she is staying in the limelight all on her own. Her vintage clothing line is doing really well among some A-list celebrities. In fact, Selena Gomez was spotted wearing one of her vintage denim jackets while she was out on the town with her significant other The Weeknd.

It also helps that she is fucking super delicious and is noticed practically everywhere she goes. The paparazzi loves her just as much as we do. I guess the famous celebrity hackers caught wind of her too and put her on their target list. Although it's pretty damn crazy to steal someone's personal pics, we ain't complaining seeing this babe undressed!

Sami's Leaked Photos Uncovered

Alright, so let's get back to business! Sami wasn't the only one who got her private images hijacked – there have been a huge list of celebrity women who are also in the same boat. If you end up drooling over this collection, you might also want to check out Rosario Dawson's – she has some really naughty ones, too!

The pictures revealed of Miro are some of the most mouth-watering we have seen from the fiasco. Some of her selfies even included Zac getting real close and cozy with her. Well, that being said, we hope you enjoy these cock throbbing images!

Sami Miro topless in bed with Zac Efron

Sami Miro taking a bathroom selfie zac efron's head in mirror Sami Miro wearing a yellow and black skirt topless Sami Miro's titties hair covering chest Sami Miro in a sheer black bodysuit nipples exposed Sami Miro in a black leather jacket squatting on the ground in heels Sami Miro taking a picture of her ass in the bathroom

Sami Miro tits in bed Sami Miro laying underneath Zac Efron. Sami Miro wet pussySami Miro showing her ass cheeks and pussy in selfie Sami Miro nude in a sauna Sami Miro removing her top to expose tits Sami Miro wearing a black top and underwear sitting on couch Sami Miro in a white mesh top and hat boobs visible Sami Miro in a sheer black unbuttoned top showing boobs off Sami Miro and Zac Efron laying in bed naked Crotch shot of Sami Miro Sami Miro's crotch in black thong Sami Miro wearing an open black shirt showing tits off Sami Miro wearing a skimpy top boobs hanging out Sami Miro wearing a purple shirt tits hanging outSami Miro wearing a black top nipples poking out of cut out shirt Sami Miro totally uncovered in bed spreading her legs Sami Miro topless wearing necklaces and a choker Sami Miro topless wearing cheetah print underwear Sami Miro topless wearing a hat Sami Miro totally nude laying on stomach Sami Miro topless picture showing off tits Sami Miro topless leaning on arms showing tits off Sami Miro topless hair infront of her chest Sami Miro taking a toples mirror selfie Sami Miro taking a pitcutre of pussy Sami Miro spreading legs to expose her crotch Sami Miro sitting on the floor with dress unbuttoned exposing tit Sami Miro pulling up thong topless Sami Miro laying on side completely naked Sami Miro laying in bed topless taking a picture of herself Sami Miro laying in bed topless nipple piercing visible Sami Miro grabbing tit while topless Sami Miro in a thong topless sitting on bed Sami Miro completely naked wearing gold necklaces Sami Miro completely in the nude leaning arm on couch Sami Miro blonde hair topless photo

Sami Miro taking a picture of her pussySami Miro wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt showing tit off

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