Rosario Dawson's leaked pic in Calvin Kleins underwear

Rosario Dawson’s Nude Fappening Photos

One of the latest “fappening 2” targets is the sensational Rosario Dawson, and we have the full collection right here! The actress and her personal photos were hacked earlier this month. Many of her loving fans have been requesting to get an inside look of the provocative nude photos. So, of course, we had to get them together. Just a warning: this sexy lady has a body that will have you launching custard in no time…

Check out this compilation video:


If you don't know this foxy Latina smoke-show, let us give you a quick break down. Rosario was born in New York City, New York but has Puerto Rican and Cuban roots. She was discovered at the age of 15 by photographer Larry Clark and screenwriter Harmony Korine while she was sitting on her front porch. Harmony explained to her that she would be the perfect part for a movie that he had been writing, Kids. Never heard of it? It's actually a pretty emotional and horrific film about teens in NYC throughout the aids epidemic.

The actress went on to do a number of independent films before she was casted in more popular films. Some of her well known roles were in Sin City, Death Proof and Seven Pounds. In 2005, her role for the beloved musical, Rent earned her the Satellite Award for “Best Supporting Actress”. We have to say, she looked tasty in that musical performance.

Dawson has also been featured in some music videos because of her magnetic looks. She teamed up with Prince for his hit “1999” and also appeared in a music video for The Chemical Brothers. You can also hear her sexy voice on the track “She Lives In My Lap” on OutKast's album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. 

Well, enough with the boring stuff….


Let's get to Rosario's BARE LEAKS at the bottom of this post!


Here are some teaser pics to get the blood flowing…

photo of Rosario Dawson sticking her tongue out at a cherry and wearing a red shirt
Just wait and see what she can do with that tongue.
Rosario Dawson wet in bikini smiling and showing off her abs
Coming up soon, Rosario all wet and bothered!
Rosario dawson completely naked in movie Trance showing her tits and pussy
Oh, DAMN, shaved pussy lips!

The spank-bank gods are on your side today, my friends…

Rosario Dawson's Fappening Pics!

Anyway, now that you have the 101 on this brown-eyed babe, lets get back to the hacked mouth-watering photos. We always had a feeling Rosario was a little kinky but these pictures just confirm it! You're going to be obsessed – have a “blast”.rosorio dawson takes a selfie with ocaean view behind her and wearing no make up

Rosario Dawson in naked selfie
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