Carice van Houten Leak in Fappening 2.0

Dutch beauty and newly minted star Carice van Houten is hypnotic. Her recently leaked photos are making heads turn.

We've all seen her bare body in the HBO series Game of Thrones, but these pictures reveal a different side of the actress. These hacked images are definitely going to make some of you with weird fetishes go crazy!

Carice was born in Leiderdorp, Netherlands in 1976. Her parent's both had careers in the entertainment industry. Her mother was on the board of Dutch educational television and her father was a broadcaster.

Carice also has a younger sister who is also an actress. As a child, they grew up watching silent films with their parents and both really developed an interest in acting.


Melissandre in Winter

In 1999 the fox earned her first major role for the television film Suzy Q. Her role as Suzy won her the Golden Calf for Best Acting in a Television Drama. This was just the beginning of the many awards that she would start to earn. Two years later she won her second Golden Calf for Best Actress for the movie Undercover Kitty.

Carice van Houten wearing a purple dress nipples poking through
Clearly it is cold or she's excited.
Carice in a tight dress
She's packing a beautiful behind too

Although Carice has been is several American films, she has stated that she does not like Hollywood and that she would never live there. She told an unknown sources that:

“I have seen Hollywood, and although I have nothing against it, it's not my kind of life. My agent is shocked that I want to stay in Europe. If Hollywood offers me a great part, of course I'll take it, but I just don't want to live there”

Her latest film that she is working on is Brimstone which is being directed by Martin Koolhoven a fellow Dutch director. So it doesn't look like she will be in Hollywood anytime soon.

She's filmed a few naked scenes in GoT, definitely check out those fantastic boobs:

Leaked Photos from March 2017

So lets get back to this leaked photo scandal huh? (Some have deemed this The Fappening 2)

Carice has no problem undressing for the camera. She has gotten undressed for many of her films but the reason why people are freaking out about these leaks is because the woman even looks good naked when she's pregnant!



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  1. Hottest woman on the show – she is the definition of M.I.L.F. I wouldn’t kick Cersei out of bed either…

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