Fappening pic of Jennifer Lawrence smiling big and taking a selfie

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pics Leaked

If you know about The Fappening, you know about the Jennifer Lawrence nude pics that were leaked! In other words, JLaw had the most popular photos out of all of the celebrity victims. Find out why below – this sugar pie will have your lips smacking!!


celeb jennifer lawrence nude leaked pic of her boobs popping out in mirror selfie
Titties be poppin'!

This celeb honey is one of the most famous women on the planet right now. Jennifer's main role in the Hunger Games made her the worldwide star she is today. She played the fearless and sexy Katniss Everdeen. Since this film, she has been widely recognized as one of the hottest actresses in the entertainment industry as well.

Jennifer Lawrence nude

When the iCloud hack occurred in August of 2014, over a hundred famous females had their private pics posted online. A good portion of them kept quiet in order to not draw attention to themselves. While others were furious and outspoken about it. Lawrence fell in the latter of the two groups, and even publicly went after the virtual pirates. She eventually was able to track down the hackers who stole her pics. She took them to court and both men have been found guilty.

Jennifer Lawrence cum on face

Although the naked pics should have never been leaked, men all over the world can't help but seek them out. Who wouldn't want to see one of the sexiest women on earth bare her ?! In our opinion, it is a natural human desire to want to see your celebrity crush uncovered! If you hear about a leak, you're going to go searching.

Well, see this delicious slice of woman and her naughty pics below!

Jennifer Lawrence Hacked Fappening Photos!

Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence fappening pic of her totally naked on her knees and lifting up her shirt
Actress Jennifer Lawrence fully naked and taking a bathroom mirror pic
JESUS LORD ALMIGHTY. This is what you call a gourmet pie!
hacked pic of jennifer lawrence nude on her couch sticking out her round booty and with her tits out of her bra
MMM MMM devilishly good!
a leaked pic of JLaw sucking her finger topless and taking a selfie
Naughty girl!!
celeb jennifer lawrence with dark hair topless and touching her nipples
Ayyy mami! Spicy.
Jennifer Lawrence exposing nipples in naughty fappening selfie
Come to papi!
danish girl star jennifer lawrence butt naked on her bed showing her ass
Yummy!! I bet her pie is extra creamy…

The best part? This isn't even half of the massive leak! Do you want to see JLaw's pussy now? 🙂 Keep going!

Jennifer Lawrence fappening tape
Don't miss the leaked tape from her iCloud account!

Jennifer is insanely talented at taking naked pics of herself! See the rest of her collection below… Feel free to click around!

bathroom topless mirror pic of Jennifer Lawrence with yellow panties on
Those tits are teardrops from heaven!

And the famed pussy pics:

Jennifer Lawrence pussy from behind
If that isn't the most perfect view known to man… what is?

Jennifer Lawrence pussy spread with fingers



  1. can anyone confirm the famed pussy pic is legit? like compare with other objects in other pics to confirm it is her?

      1. That joke never get old. Nah, that’s a lie, that joke is not funny anymore and say “that never get old” is old too.

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