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  1. This not even Nicki Minaj sadly such false information Nicki Minaj lived in southside jamaica queens not The Bronx that cardi D Nicki did graduated from LaGuardia high school and Nicki was succeeding in acting so much that she even got a role on Broadway but something came up and she couldn’t make it she than worked as a waitress at red lobsters for A couple of months her manager fired her because she fought a rude customer went to jail than she got in a music group called “The Hoodstarz” in 2001 cupple years later met Lil Wayne for the “come up dvd” that’s were every body showed their talent so they can become famous so she made mixed tapes Lil Wayne signed her to “young money records” and she now famous and making money for her talents singing/rap and not wasting time selling pussy like you uneducated hood rat pigeon head ass broads the pen HAHaHaH I had to laugh at dat one !!!!

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