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God damn! The “Blurred Lines” bombshell Emily Ratajkowski has been hacked, again! 

An unknown hacker has leaked over 200 images from the model's iCloud account and the pictures are CRAZY! You guys are in luck because we just happen to have these scandalous pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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Emily has always been very comfortable in her skin and has done several bare magazine photo shoots, so it's no surprise that she would use her iPhone to take nude selfies. The model is also known for her perfect and NATURAL tear-drop titties (Lake Bell's boobies are not so bad either). She loves to flaunt them on her Instagram, but she shows them off way better in the RAUNCHY fappening collection we have below!

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The beauty queen spent her childhood visiting nude beaches in Europe and has always been very comfortable with showing her body. She doesn't understand why the United States has such an issue with it, and for that we thank her.  Get ready to see what you've always dreamed of…


Emily Ratajkowski Nude Fappening Photos!


So are you wondering how this babe's iCloud was hacked for a second time? Yeah, us too. No one is certain if this is the same hacker that exploited Emily in the past, but what we do know is that this hacker sent the images to columnist Helen Wood asking if she would publish the photos on her online news column.

These hackers are pretty damn ballsy to say the least, and thanks to them, you get to enjoy these racy photos!


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Before Emily became a famous model, she was infatuated with the art of acting. She held many amateur plays for her family when she was a child and then went on to perform in her local community theater. Although she was doing great in the theater industry, her acting coach pushed her to try modeling. At 14, Emily met with a talent agent and was signed with Ford Models that very same day.

Em has appeared in several high fashion magazines and commercials for companies like Carl's Jr. and Nikon, but her breakthrough was when she appeared in Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' in music video for the song “Blurred Lines” back in 2013. The video was very controversial and many people believed that it degraded women. But our immodest lady told an unknown source that she did not think the video was sexist at all:

“The song gave me an opportunity to say the things that I felt about feminism today and about women in general in pop culture. The attention given to the nudity in the video shows that America has not advanced as far as it should have and I think society represses sexuality, which is bad for both sexes.”