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Guess what we have? Anthony Bourdain's new love Asia Argento nude pics that were leaked online! If you don't recognize her at first, you *might* remember her from her role in the ridiculous movie xXx with Vin Diesel. She was his sexy side-kick girl. Now she's know for speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, along with the disaster that is Rose McGowan. Now let's get to the LEAK! She was born in 1975, in Rome Italy.

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  • She published a book of poems at age eight and ran away from home at age fourteen.
  • Her official name is Aria because the Italian registration office did not accept the name Asia.
  • Her father is revered horror director Dario Argento. She gave birth to her first daughter, Anna Lou, in 2001 with musician Marco Castoldi. She had a second child, Nicola, in 2008 with husband Michele Civetta whom she was married to from 2008 until 2013. She began a relationship with Anthony Bourdain in 2017.
  • Italian actress who appeared in a number of European films and starred as Yelena in xXx. Her horror film credits include Demons 2, Dracula 3D, and Transylvania.
  • She co-starred with Vin Diesel in xXx.

Asia Argento nude boobsShe is a vocal critic of Harvey Weinstein after alleged sexual abuse scandal broke involving the wealthy producer.  Asia has faced some backlash from her outspoken #MeToo support.  Asia described the sex in The New Yorker as

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