Beautiful actress amanda seyfried doing the splits for Glamour magazine

Get Hard: Our Favorite Amanda Seyfried Moments

These yummy photos of actress Amanda Seyfriend are definitely some you wanna keep in your jerk-off collection. The beauty has one of the sexiest bodies in the movie industry, and we made a tribute to it by collecting her devastatingly hot pics below! Find out why she is one of the most talked about celebrity women online…


And why is she so popular right now? Because The Fappening 2 happened, and Amanda had multiple leaked photos hit the web.  We're talking blowjob pics.  Start your engines boys, you're about to get lucky.


gorgeous pic of amanda seyfried on the red carpet wearing orange red dress and smiling at the camera
We wouldn't mind getting a little lipstick on our beaver basher!

Before you get to the goodies, here's some facts about the A-list Hollywood babe. Amanda was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her parents lived the common life, her mother being an occupational therapist and her dad a pharmacist.  Growing up, she decided that the the nine to five life wasn't for her and decided to take up modeling at the age 11. What a little go-getter. She then started acting when she was 15 and appeared in a couple soap operas.

The actress made her film debut in the comedy Mean Girls in 2004. She played a ditzy sidekick and did a pretty damn good job. She, along with her co-stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert received an MTV Movie Award for “Best On-Screen Team”. In 2006, her role in the HBO drama televisions series Big Love gave her even more of an audience. She played a confused teenager (Sarah Hendrickson) who is the oldest daughter of a polygamist family – her character was just a supporting character at first, but audiences loved her and by season 3 she became one of the stars.

This blue eyed sex toy has dated co-stars in the past like, Dominic Copper from Mama Mia! and started dating Thomas Sadoski from The Last Word in 2016. The couple eloped later that year. In March 24, 2017 the couple let the world know that she had give birth to their first child, a little girl (you lucky son of bitch, Thomas!).

Amanda's Most Provocative Shots


This gallery might not bare her private parts, but they get the imagination going… Her big breasts on her petite frame are absolutely staggering, and we can't forget to mention her lickable legs! Just wow. If you want to see a busty celebrity topless, don't forget to check out Anne Hathaway's uncovered tits here. No wonder she is all the rage right now. We're excited to share these tasty treats with you!

W Magazine [April 2014]:

celebrity babe amanda seyfried in cowboy boots modeling for w magazine
We'd like to see how far she can spread those legs!
blonde actress amanda seyfried in cowboy boots and bikini for w magazine
The plastic over the couch might be a good, things could get a little sticky after we're done with her!
actress amanda seyfried modeling seductively for w magazine in red bikini and cowboy boots
She can ride my pony all night long!
hottie amanda seyfriend modeling in red cowboy boots sitting on blue couch with legs crossed
Hey, Amanda. Lets see you use that pole for a minute or two!
famous celebrity amanda seyfried modeling bikini for w magazine while leaning on green chair
I'd like to cooter punch her with my dick!
young amanda seyfried modeling for w magazine with red lipstick on and tube top
She can be my hot pocket any day!
super hot pic of amanda seyfried in red cowboy boots sitting on the ground with one leg up
I'd lick the cum off of those boots!
singer and actress amanda seyfried modeling pic with arms above her head looking fine as hell
She looks like she needs a good fuckin!

Glamour Magazine, Ellen Von Unwerth [March 2012]:

celeb beauty amanda seyfried showing off her sexy legs in glamour magazine on a diving board with red heels on
Amanda is a cum extracting machine!
hot blonde actress amanda seyfried modeling for Ellen Von Unwerth photo shoot on the phone laying on a fancy couch
A little phone sex anyone?
pretty actress amanda seyfried in heels and black dress on a counter top
We would like every inch of that tight body!
hollywood actress amanda seyfried on couch showing off her long legs in red heels for glamour magazine
Those legs would look good wrapped around my body!
amanda seyfried blow drying her hair for ellen von unwerth photo shoot
Wanna blow me instead?
stunning amanda seyfried in shorts for glamour march 2012 shoot
That tight body is made for rough fucking!

Glamour Magazine Spain [November 2015]:

sexy celebrity amanda seyfried doing the splits for glamour spain
Who knew she was that flexible?
beautiful american actress amanda seyfried modeling in little black dress with no shoes on for glamour spain
Can I pet your pussy?
hollywood babe amanda seyfried in black and white glamour magazine pic with perky butt in the air
She's ready to be ravished!
lovely actress amanda seyfried modeling for Glamour magazine showing off her hot legs and looking sultry
We would keep her locked up in there and do terrible things to her!
glamour magazine pic of amanda seyfried with a cat in her lap while she bares her shoulders
Hey Amanda, wanna play doctor?
gorgeous black and white pic of amanda seyfried sitting on chair showing her shoulders for spain glamour magazine in november 201
She's a smoke show!
laying on the floor amanda seyfried models for spain glamour magazine in 2015
We would have her legs shaking in no time!

Vogue [Russia 2016]:

stunning photo of amanda seyfried posing for vogue russia in 2016
Those eyes are screaming “Fuck Me!”
damn sexy amanda seyfried showing off her stems for vogue russia magazine
Don't you just want to keep her for your filthy sex slave?
black and white pic for vogue russia magazine of Amanda Seyfried looking seductive and laying on a bed
Looks like she's tuckered out from all that pounding
close up pic of amanda seyfried for vogue russia 2016
Wouldn't you like to taste those lips?

Madame Fiagro [November 2015]:

grabbing her boobs amanda seyfried poses for Madame Fiagro photoshoot
We wouldn't mind grabbing those titties for you, Amanda

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