Emliy Ratajowski polaroid for Galore Magazine

No Panties! Emily Ratajkowski in Galore Magazine

Oh, the famous “Blurred Lines” hunny get us every damn time! Emily Ratajkowski's body screams SEX, especially in this BOTTOMLESS 2013 photo shoot she did with photographer Andrew Kuykendall. The model not only bared her ass, but also her big NATURAL titties for the Galore Magazine cover. This provocative editorial will definitely make you want to release your Kraken! Just sayin'…


Emily Ratajkowski bares her ass in photo shoot for Galore Magazine

We'd like to glaze all over those hams!

The 25 year old model was born in London, England, but her her parents are both American. Her mother was an English professor and her father, an art teacher. They both taught at San Dieguito Academy. The family moved to United States when Emily was five and settled in San Diego, California. This is where her acting and modeling career blossomed.

In 2009, Emily made her television debut when she earned a minor role in the Nickelodeon kid's series, iCarly. She decided to stick solely to modeling for a little while and appeared in several high fashion magazines, including the famously erotic Treats! She also appeared in a few commercials for Nikon and Carl's Jr.

Emily has no shame exposing her perfectly sculpted nude body to the world and is very comfortable being uncovered. She stated in an interview once:

“We have this culture of men, especially, watching pornography, but then [they are] offended by a classic nude portrait or photograph, and I've never felt that way.”

The model even defended Kim Kardashian when she posted a nude photo on Instagram. She thinks that society represses sexuality and she believes this is bad for both sexes. She is truly standing up for the best in man-kind. May she continue to help us all with her belief in undressing herself.

Galore Magazine Photo Shoot

Anyway, now that you have the low down on Miss Ratajkowski, you gotta take a look at how she flaunts her bare body in this seductive yet rustic photo shoot. Galore Magazine made an intelligent move putting this dime on their cover. Every issue she models for ends up making enormous sales for the company. People can't get enough of her, especially delighting us with her goodies.

Well, enjoy seeing Em Rata's fantastic crotch-shots and tit-pics while she wears a big ass fur coat and frolics in the mountains! You might need to give your hand a break in between some of these… Ready, set, go!

Andrew Kuykendall photoshoot for Galore Magazine featuring Emily Ratajkowski in fur coat showing her pussy

Beware of the meat constrictor lurking through that field. He'll get ya!

Emily Ratajkowski naked under a fur coat

We could do a better job at warming her up than that fur coat!

Emily Ratajkowski in a fur coat leaning against a tree

Smoke show!

Topless Emily Ratajkowski in fur coat in the woodsEmily Ratajkowski riding a tree trunk for Galore Magazine

Galore Magazine featuring Emily Ratajkowski bottomlessEmily Ratajkowski in fur coat dancing around naked in the mountainsEmily Ratajkowski drinking her beer topless in Galore Magazine photo shootEmily Ratajkowski goes topless for Galore magazine and is grabbing her titsTopless pic of Emily Ratajkowski for Galore MagazineEm Rata flipping off the camera in Galore photo shoot

photo of Emily Ratajkowski in a jean outfit with no bra onEmily Ratajkowski drinking a beer on a porch