Scarlett Johansson with curves

A Tribute to Scarlett Johansson’s Booty!

Hello there, fellow ass-man!  You, along with 99% of the male population are “All About That Bass”; that's why you're going to love our best Scarlett Johansson booty moments collected! She has one of Hollywood's nicest rumps and if you don't think so, we're about to prove it to ya.

Her behind is going to have you poppin' in your pants!

There was a time before Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian's junk-in-the-trunk blew up every tabloid headline. Prior to those bootylicious ladies taking over the entertainment scene, Scarlett ruled the badonkadonk craze. Her acting career and perfectly curved ASSet have been making us lick our lips since 1994!

Scarlett Johansson wearing tight leather pants
Baby got back!!

Scarlett Johansson in tight leather black pants showing her curvy butt


Before you get to the pics that will have you munchin' on your screen, let's get to know the girl that brings all the boys to the yard… ScarJo is considered one of the hottest sex symbols of our generation, and also one of the highest paid actresses; as of 2017, her net worth is a whopping 100 million. Can you say, cha-ching?!

She has made her fortune by being casted in some of the most popular films since the nineties: North, The Horse Whisperer, An American Rhapsody, Lost in Translation, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Match Point, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Don Jon, He's Just Not That Into You and many more! Her most known character has been playing the sexy Natasha Romanoff, also known as the “Black Widow” in the Marvel movies The Avengers.

As if she wasn't talented enough, Scarlett also sings and has recorded several songs with other musical artists such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Celebration, Jeff Buckley and Pete Yorn. Yep, her hot and raspy voice makes her sound unique as you think it would!

Johansson is a true feminist too, she has been outspoken about women's rights. Just recently in a Cosmopolitan magazine article, she stated: “When women talk about enjoying sex, it's almost forbidden”.

“Just having a healthy sexual attitude, you are labeled as loose, wild, a slut. You have no morals, and you're seen as some kind of sexual deviant or someone who can't be in a monogamous relationship. The minute you talk about enjoying yourself, being curious, that is still taboo.”

We have to say, we absolutely agree with this sentiment. Women should NOT be afraid to explore their naughtiest desires and needs.Women around the world shouldn't hide their natural sexual tendencies because of outdated and old fashion ideas from the past.

By all means, explore and express your sexuality even more, Scarlett!

If you want to show skin, do it. It's your birth right. But, just don't hate the wave of admirers when you do. It's natural for men AND women to get excited when they see some beautiful flesh from their celebrity crush!

With that being said, let's get to appreciating her beautiful seat cushion!

Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt… in yoga pants!

Scarlett Johansson in tight yoga pants next to her manScarlett Johansson and husband hug goodbye and she is wearing yoga pantsScarlett Johansson is wearing yoga pants and she hugs her husband goodbyeScarlett Johansson in yoga pants at the gymScarlett Johansson running in yoga pants and pregnantScarlett Johansson's ass in yoga pants running

She must do squats… Scarlett's perfect round and firm ass in dresses!

Scarlett Johansson in a black dress showing off her curvy buttScarlett Johansson in black mini dress and high heelsScarJo in a black mini dress at event with black heels on

Scarlett Johansson booty in golden mini dressScarlett Johansson in a white dress with her back side in full viewScarlett Johansson - Presents the new MANGO Winter 2009/10 campaign in Munich, Germany 15.10.2009Scarlett Johansson in a blue and silvery dress on the red carpetScarlett Johansson looking gorgeous in a maroon gown on the red carpet with her butt showingScarlett Johansson showing off her tight body in yellow dressScarlett Johansson modeling in mini dress while laying on a bed looking up

Her buttocks looking good in jeans!Scarlett Johannson taking a pic in tight jeans and looking back at the cameraScarlett Johansson in jeans making out in movie sceneBooty pic of Scarlett Johansson in black jeans

The Black Widow has a fine bottom, too!

Scarlett Johansson as the black widow in tight pants in leatherScarlettJo as the black widow leaning over a table and showing her nice buttScarlett Johansson in uniform for the black widowScarlett Johansson on the set of the Avengers in her Black Widow outfitBlack Widow butt in the Avengers movie

She wears those sweat pants well!

Scarlett's booty in sweat pants walking around

Scarlett's bikini bum is a slice of pie I want to eat!Scarlett Johansson in a blue bikini on the beach showing her perky buttScarlett wearing a blue bikini in Hawaii laying on the sand with ass turned toward the cameraPicture of Scarlett Johansson in hawaii in a blue swimming suit laying outScarlett Johansson in a white bikini showing her buttScarlett Johansson on a boat in white bikini laying downScarlett Johansson in a bikini with ass in the air

Some see-through cheeks from her film Lost In Translation.Scarlett Johansson in pink underwear showing her butt cheeks

Yummy, ScarJo with FDAU!Scarlett with her face down and ass up in the air

The grande finale, dat naked ass doe.

Scarlett Johansson modeling nude with ass in the air

Want more from this babe? We have her dirty leaked collection, see them all here.

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