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If you haven't heard about these AJ Michalka nude pics that were leaked in the latest round of #TheFappening, it's probably because you don't watch a lot of Disney shows. This blond bombshell is a former Disney starlet and a musician. She may look like a nice girl next door type but you would be shocked to know what she does behind closed doors. We love it when a seemingly good girl's naughty side is revealed and so will your dick!

Ally was born in Torrance, California and has an older sister, Aly Michalka. She was raised as a Christian and still practices the religion. Along with her older sister, AJ, began to play the piano when she was 6 years old and picked up the guitar when she was in her teens. She also began to act at a young age but mostly stared in her church play productions.


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In 2006, AJ and her sister Aly made their debut in the Disney Channel movie Cow Belles. The two played sisters that are forced to work on a dairy farm after unintentionally starting a house fire. The sisters have also started a band called 78violet (formally known as Aly & AJ) and have released two studio albums and a holiday album.


In 2013, the dazzling singer was contacted by ABC to star in their upcoming sitcom, The Goldbergs. AJ plays the character of Lainey Lewis who is one of the main characters girlfriend. The show is set in the 1980s in Pennsylvania and revolves around a family of four. The show was intended to be from the viewpoint of a young boy.

AJ Michalka Fappening Pics

So how does a good Christian girl get caught up in a scandal like this? Well, its pretty easy when you're young, famous and have a scandalous side to you. And trust us this girl is definitely going to hell for the pictures she saved on her phone! We think that these pictures are pure gold! Go on and pump your stump!

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