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1 Night in Paris Hilton Sex Tape

It's an old one – it's up there with Pamela Anderson when it comes to the original sex tape queens, but it hasn't lost its luster.

The Paris Hilton sex tape remains one of the biggest online scandals of the modern day Internet.  When news of the tape spread back in 2003, people were beside themselves!

Paris Hilton, the heiress to the Hilton Hotel chain has a SEX TAPE?? Oh shit!  Even better than that, it shows her sucking dick like she's hungry? YES!

Paris has always been a bit of a sleaze, so leaking a video with Rick Solomon seems par for the course.  The two went all out, filming themselves both at night and during the day. A multi-part home video that really set the bar for other tapes like Kim K Superstar.

Definitely keep scrolling to watch this rich diva take a nice 8 inch (maybe 9 inch?) dick.


Paris Hilton standing sexy in a dominatrix outfit and thigh high boots
Oh, iPhones + social media + women wanting attention… = LEAKED PIE.
Paris Hilton eating a popsicle outside with a yellow tank top on and pokey nipples
She's begging to suck on the real thing!
Paris Hilton topless in bed in yellow panties and a teddy bear
Never been more jealous of Ted!
Paris Hilton on all fours in a skimpy red dress in the yard
Yep, she does this position too.
Paris Hilton in sunglasses in the water at the beach on all fours pushing her boobs together
This heiress definitely knows how to combine her ‘assets'

If you're not sure why you know who Paris Hilton is, we're not surprised. She's one of those lucky few that are famous for being famous. Paris was born into wealth as one of the heirs to the Hilton Hotel fortune but she never planned to sit on her immense riches. She's a true businesswoman who grown her personal net worth to over $100-million through her fashion line and reality TV appearances.

Here are some more recent photos of Paris… she is aging in to quite the MILF.

1 Night in Paris full video

In fact, it was right before her first reality TV show aired, that the world was fully introduced to the this tall dime piece. In the weeks before her reality show The Simple Life premiered, a now infamous sex tape titled 1 Night in Paris was released and turned Hilton into a (dysfunctional) household name nearly overnight.

See below.

Paris Hilton pussy screenshot from sex tape
Paris being spanked

Paris Hilton Sex Tape

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